Key Sources of Self-Belief


From time to time we all doubt ourselves. Try to have a mindset where there is no such thing as failure, only results. Don’t be afraid of results below that which you hoped. It is all part of a learning curve. And whatever happens, take responsibility.

Here are five key sources of belief:

  1.  Environment

Be around successful people and in a successful environment. It is much easier to model success if you are in the right environment.

  1. Events in life

Events you have seen, heard, felt, experienced can impact your belief system. Think of positive events in your life that have shaped you.

  1. Knowledge

Knowledge is a very powerful way to break the cycle of a negative environment. Reading, seeing, viewing the accomplishments of others can create the beliefs that will allow you to succeed.

  1. Past Results

The surest way to create belief, is to do it once, just once. If you succeed once, it’s far easier to form the belief that you will succeed again.

  1. Create in your mind the experience you desire in the future as if it were now.

Just as past experiences can change your internal representations and thus what you believe is possible, so can you imagine experiences of what you want things to be in the future.

There is no abiding success without commitment – More often than not, those that succeed aren’t the brightest, strongest or the best but those with the most commitment.


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